Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lost Weekend

I tried catching up on my reading last weekend. I borrowed too much books on finance and investment, rushing along to keep in touch with the latest trends. I think I have reached a good level of understanding of present trends. But it was not only investment books but on other subjects like resilience (by meditation, self-awareness and reflection exercise, etc.), exotic vacations and obscure books like Monsieur Pain. Usually I speed read the book that I am interested in. Otherwise, I just read the chapters I like. I guess it is more like a grasping on quantity rather than quality. The good books I do read slowly while the others I just skim along.

I discovered a new writer in Roberto Bolano. He writes with traces of Garcia-Marquez but with a more sinister bent. His work is like a combination of the exoticness of Arturo-Perez Reverte and a restrained Marquez. He evoked the sensuousness of Latin America as depicted in Botero’s painting and sculptures. But he is more refined and disciplined. More like a more accessible Borges. I hope to read more of his book and see that a few books of his exist in the library. These days I prefer to borrow audio books so I can listen in the car only resort to actual reading if I really have to. If I do need to read, I speed read those books that I don’t need to enjoy.

I borrowed too much DVDs and wasted time watching them. There is a lack of control in my part though I sometimes suspect that it is more a reaction to stress. Is it really a desire to satisfy my curiosity? Or is it more a gluttony of books and movies? If these urges where focused on food, then I would probably be obese. A need for control and discipline is needed which I think can be gained by self-reflection, mindfulness and meditation. It’s all in the book ‘Bounce’ which re-emphasizes my attachment to self-reflection via journaling via blogging. On meditation, my daily quasi Tai Chi exercises provide some peace but I need try Yoga as well for its physical benefits. I think its these tasks – journal writing, Tai Chi and exercise that have kept me sane.

I wanted to watch a move with my kids this weekend but there where no takers. Instead I borrowed the following movies: ‘Bad Lieutenant – Port of Call New Orleans’, ‘2012’, ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Spy’, ‘Magnolia’, ‘A Dangerous Man’, ‘Monster Thursday’ and ‘Burmese Harp.’ They are all good movies but I particularly like ‘Tinker, Tailor,..’ which is an English television series starring Alec Guinness. It is a good intelligent thriller that relies on old fashioned drama and skilled acting and good plot rather than special effects. It’s a movie I will surely watch again (in fact I have already watched it before) together with the conclusion ‘Smiley’s People’.

An old friend from Singapore is arriving on Wednesday. We last saw each other a year ago in Singapore. Her family has moved to Canada though they may move here in 2-3 years. Only 2 dear friends are left in Singapore. It’s amazing how life turns out in all its surprises. We won’t be able to see her right away since we will be traveling this week. But we will still see her next week when we come back. Perhaps it’s fate that our lives would entwine again in this region of the world. I had thought that Singapore was the culmination of our lives but now seems only a transition. But the story is not finished and one day I may find myself back there again.

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