Saturday, October 24, 2009

Information needs to be Free

I attended a meeting in the morning where we discussed highly technical stuff. It was a file mapping meeting and discussions where about things like canonical and concatenation and field length and business rules and so on. There were four of us in the meeting and I was the only one who was not from India. The team is exceptionally bright and technically proficient. But I am happy to say that I held my own. I guess it was my experience that kept me going. I guess this is the time when experience does matter although I think I gave out a few odd balls during the conversation. Nevertheless, I think I was distinguished being the odd person out.

Most of the people I work with here have been working together for quite some time. They know each other and are comfortable with each others skills. I guess I am the odd man out who needs to prove things. The only thing going my way is that I am an employee of the company while the other three are contractors. I am amazed that no other nationality seems to come close to the technical ability and skill coming from India. But I guess it is more a battle of quantity. There is no way any country can match the growing population, facility with English and technical heritage that India possess. Of course, the innovative and creative tradition of the United States is still unmatched anywhere in the world.

My supposed strength of input, learner and intellect is keeping me abreast of trends. But now there is really too much coming into my brain. Today I discovered a new mind mapping tool that will be used by the company. Now is the time where this type of tool will really come in handy. There is just too much free knowledge available. As someone said, knowledge wants to be free. Now that information is free, the next challenge is how to monetize knowledge. Figuring out this equation is what made Google a rich company. I guess determining the right knowledge and channeling to the proper audience who is willing to pay is the next step. There is just too much innovation going on that one is just to busy keeping up.

Perhaps a good example is Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Carter is the pure stuff, the person who moves forward based on his inner core and conviction so sometimes he seems like an old fashion decent man. Comparing this analogy to a writer, he is the person who just writes without considering the various outlets of writing in the new digital world. On the other hand, Clinton is more aware of the latest trends and he is able to adapt to the new techniques. Not that he lacks substance, but able to combine the new tools into a dazzling combination with some content that changes the game. I guess he applies the adage that the ‘medium is the message.’ Hence, Clinton is the master of the medium while Carter is the master of the message.

I guess I am not making sense. But I have reached a point where my reading is not getting me anywhere. I have been attending a lot of free training but I am starting to forget. So I guess I should start using min maps to structure my knowledge in a way that make easy retrieval and association much easier. Now that the company has a standard mind mapping tool available I can formally use this tool to my advantage. It is the right time to start using this tool now that things are starting to get really complicated. This maybe a competitive advantage is used effectively.

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