Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Planning Ahead

The network is down this morning so I decided to write an entry. I played golf with my dad yesterday but he did not complete the last 9 holes. We started at the wrong time at about 11 am so we did not have a full lunch. My wife cooked us a burger sandwich but it was not enough. I continued the game with the 2 golfers who were paired with us at the start. They were young guys in their late twenties or early thirties and they were drinking beer the whole time. It was a nice game even though my dad was not able to finish. He is not his old self and he was moving slow in the course. I should have scheduled the game better taking his age into consideration. But I guess he enjoyed the clubhouse, sleeping in the porch watching the golfers while drinking beer.

We looked at some houses with the agent since Friday and I think it was a good experience. I wanted them to see the houses and the prices so they have an idea on the cost. It was a good chance for them to meet the property agent and realtor who are both lively and warm persons. There were some great properties especially the houses we saw yesterday. Perhaps I would have bought the property if my wife was in better shape last May. But I still think the townhouse was a good purchase and perhaps I will consider purchasing a property some 2-3 years down the road. My investment plan is still in place and according to my brother the property market would take until 2012 to full recover. He may be right because it seems to me that a lot of surplus properties still exist in the market.

We also went to my son’s soccer match on Saturday afternoon. It was a nice game although their team lost 4-1. There where parent who brought along their folding chairs and tents. My mom came with us and watched the game too. We all went except my dad who wanted to stay home and watch television. I got an extended basic program for cable TV so he can watch the golf channel. He also bought a lot of things from the television sales network like vitamins and gym stuff. I can’t help but think that he is spending too much in their situation being retirees. My younger brother has been critical of him and he is also here in US for a few weeks. He stayed with our eldest brother and they seemed to have reached an understanding regarding our dad.

The issue is that my dad wants to sell the old house where we all grew up and buy a townhouse in Tagaytay city where the weather is good and the food is cheap. But my mom, sister and younger brother don’t like the idea. My eldest brother and I were neutral although I think now my elder brother tends to agree with them. I guess it’s my father’s way of trying to have a new life in his twilight years. I don’t know if it’s too late with their health condition and so on. I am so detached from the situation in the Philippines that I am mildly interested only. I guess I am at a ‘great adventure’ at this point in my life. After the soccer game I bought a folding chair at Wal-Mart to be like the other parents who watch ball games at the park. I guess I am settling down to the local customs.

It’s hard to see one’s parent’s health decline in their twilight years. I wish we had the resources and the conditions to take care of them. This is one reason I am thinking of buying a house to take care of them in their old age. But I think they are still strong and vigorous for at least 5-7 more years before they need assistance. I hope that would give me time to save and prepare for any costs. At the end of the day, it will likely be in the Philippines where the care needs to be provided. So it will give us time to plan for any eventuality here. Hopefully my kids will have finished college while on the way to living their own independent lives.

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