Thursday, June 11, 2009

Unpacking Stuff

Our things arrived from Singapore yesterday. The loaders came at about 9am and finished unpacking at about 2pm. (I gave a tip of $20 to each of the 3 loaders). I had to attend a meeting at the office from 9-10 am but went back home to help unpack near 12 noon. I went back to the office at about 3pm after having lunch with my son at 3 Little Pigs – a burger and fries joint. The pork sandwich was not as great as either Charlie’s or Buckeye. But it had a nice ambiance like a small time American diner. The place was near our new home and there were also a few shops and the BI LO supermarket. It was located on an idyllic neighborhood with nice fine houses with their large lawn and with wide open spaces in some areas.

Unpacking our stuff made me realize how much junk we had. The packers just went forward and packed everything in side include the junk and other unneeded stuff. There are a lot of things I no longer used like old electronic gadgets and clothes. I guess I spent too much time accumulating junk that I no longer need. Luckily most of these junk are inexpensive so I did not lose much except space and my piece of mind. But the intention was to save money and I was able to save a lot from buying furniture like sofa, dining table and bed. It felt strange to re-use this furniture from Singapore and to try to arrange and match them to new surroundings. But I think we were successful.

The house is now very messy and I think it will take a week before everything is sorted out and placed into their new locations. It is a much bigger place and the furniture seems to blend well with the surroundings. With this new address I also started to update the mailing address in the banks, association memberships like PMI and Toastmasters. I still need to update a few more address in Singapore and feels like a whole new life with the formal change in address. My son will be busy fixing the stuff from our old home and I am glad he has something else to do than to surf the Internet. He will be enrolling soon in his new school and we need to update his records as well in his new school.

We spoke with my wife last night and we gave her a tour of the house. I walked around with the laptop in front of me so the camera could take in the site. It was messy with all sorts of things scattered about but I think she was able to see the virtues of the new home. It was in the evening so she may not have seen a whole lot. I gave a similar tour to my younger son the other day and it was in the morning so I think he was able to get a better picture. When both of them get here, most of the major tasks would have been accomplished: transfer to the new house, unloading of Singapore stuff, and purchase of new car, enrollment and driving lessons of my first son done. So the adjustment to the new place should be easier for them.

My wife seems to be getting better. She visited the doctor the other day and she has been sleeping well. I am glad and I think the visit of her sister has helped her. I am arranging with the airline to give her special priority due to her illness. We requested for a wheel chair and a front row sitting in economy with more leg room. Hopefully, the airlines can help her in immigration by putting her at the start of the line so she will not be in a hurry for her next connecting flight. If she will miss the connecting flight in Washington airport, the next flight here is the next day so she may need to stay in a nearby hotel. This happened to me and my son in our trip here last April. We missed the flight and had to stay overnight for the trip the next day. I hope they would not experience the same thing. It’s 12 more days before they both arrive here.

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