Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Co-Sourcing Endgame

The Indian company that was chosen to be our co-sourcing partner will give their best and final offer (BAFO) soon. A lot of the people in the department are mulling the various options that may be available to them. Yesterday at lunch, our supervisor said that an option maybe to be paid a retrenchment package plus a job offer from the Indian company. This looks like a win-win option becuase we get paid plus have a new job. We just don't know how long we will last in the Indian company if we choose to work for them.

I guess this is the reality that we should be looking at: where information technology is no longer a core business function of manufacturers. An activity best outsourced possibly to an Indian company. I have been reading about this situation in books like 'Wikinomics' or 'The World is Flat' but it is really a different situation when faced in real life. I guess everything is random following the ideas explained in the 'The Black Swan'. But at the end of the day, not really random as this is a business reality that has already been ocurring in the recent years all over the world.

For my case, there are some 'rumors' that I may be moved to another country. Not a good option as I may leave my family to work abroad as my kids are taking their pre-college courses. But it is a good option in terms of career prospect. This is an option that I am seriously looking at if it is offered. Nevertheless, my horoscope for the 'Year of the Rat' portends of change in career or location this year and generally good for me. So even the stars have aligned to depict my fate in 2008. Whatever the outcome, change is afoot. I have joined a health club near the office and exercising nearly everyday. Not only does it keep me physically fit but prepares me mentally for the coming challenges.

Since the start of January I have been attending guitar lessons. I want to keep my mind in tip top shape by learning new things. I have read somewhere that musician's brains have strong physical connections between the left and right hemispheres as compared to other professions. So I hope to improve my brain 'biologically' (?) by learning music skills. Anyway, all these activities like working out in a gym and guitar lessons help to keep my spirits up instead of descending into despair, worry and anxiety due to the circumstances in the office .

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